Apex Legends 1.89 update: Console FPS fix, Control leavers Penalty, more

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends seer

The Apex Legends devs have just released a new update for the game that addresses several issues including the Console FPS bug.

Apex Legends Season 12 has been pretty smooth sailing, however, just like any live game, bugs and issues do occur.

Console players have been experiencing FPS issues since the season’s launch, and others have also experienced bugs elsewhere such as Bloodhound’s new Anniversary Event Prestige skin not tracking its challenge.

Thankfully, the Apex Legends 1.89 update addresses these issues.

Apex Legends 1.89 Update

Bloodhound Prestige skin fix

Ever since the new Bloodhound Prestige skin dropped with the Anniversary Collection Event players who have obtained the skin have been experiencing issues.

The issue was that the challenges in order to upgrade the skin were not being tracked and would reset for players. This was obviously very frustrating for players but luckily, Respawn claim they have pushed a fix for the issue.

With that being said, as of February 22, players with this skin should be able to complete the challenges without them resetting.

Leaver penalty for Control

apex legends wattson and Gibraltar in Control

Although this new Control LTM is about to be taken out of the game, there are rumors that it will return, and perhaps in different formats.

With that being said, it’s great to see that the devs have decided to implement a leavers penalty for the game mode, as this will prevent matches from being ruined by those not committed.

From February 22, these players will now receive a penalty when leaving the game, which is a ban from all playlists for 10 minutes.

Console FPS fix

phase driver apex legends olympus

Apex Legends Season 12 also brought some FPS issues for console players, especially on Olympus. The issue is mainly for those on the previous generation of consoles, so PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One.

The devs state that the update brings “The first of several updates to address the fps issue on consoles.”

While the issue may not be fully resolved, it’s great to hear that the first update has rolled out and that there will be more in the future to fully fix the FPS problems on console.

That’s all for the 1.89 update for Apex Legends, for more check out the new leaked Legend “Hawk.”

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment