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Apex Legends players “abusing” servers to get free Predator badge

Apex Legends players are abusing the server matchmaking to get an easy Predator badge in Season 14, leaving the community frustrated.



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Apex Legends players have found a way to abuse the servers in order to get into lower-ranked lobbies and obtain an easy Predator badge.

Apex Legends is not the easiest shooter to get into, and with some complaining that the game isn’t friendly for newcomers, this new server exploit in Season 14 highlights one of the reasons why.

Ranked Leagues is the place to go for Apex Legends players who are looking to test themselves and improve. Matchmaking has received a lot of stick in recent seasons, especially after Ranked changes.

Now, players have found a way to abuse the servers to get an easy Predator badge, which is the game’s highest honor, by getting into lower-ranked lobbies.

Apex Legends content creator Grrt exposed this trick in his September 5 YouTube video, explaining how players are getting “Free Pred Badges.”

In the video, Grrt claims that players are getting Pred Badges with “no effort” by choosing “Bahrain” servers and queuing into Arenas matches.

As there are very few players in these servers playing Arenas, you end up getting put into a match with low-level players, even if you are a Predator.

Grrt knows firsthand that this is happening, as they queued into a game in these servers and while his teammates were low level, they were matched against a team of three Predators.

This is clearly unfair on those who actually live in this area and have to play on the Bahrain servers, with one comment under the video saying, “Bahrain server is close to me and always I get three stack preds in enemy team (ranked arenas), it’s hell…ranked arenas on that server means u always get pred enemies 99% time”

Hopefully Respawn can do something about this, with Grrt saying that “Respawn needs to sort this out ASAP,” as players are seriously abusing this cheat to get easy lobbies.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment