RUMOR: Call of Duty exclusivity deal moving over to PlayStation


We can’t imagine a world where Call of Duty and Microsoft part ways, but just because we can’t imagine it doesn’t mean it could never happen. There’s a lot of rumors circulating that Microsoft may have lost the exclusivity and/or marketing deal for Call of Duty this year to PlayStation. Rumors started with industry insiders and quickly began to look like a possibility once the Black Ops 3 teasers hit.

DLC is just the first half of the equation. What would this mean for future Black Ops 3 events? or Call of Duty Championship 2016?

Exhibit A) Official Sony Twitter account tweeted both teasers and uploaded to their YouTube channels at the exact time they went live. Microsoft waited at least an hour in both cases.

Exhibit B) Sony hasnt uploaded a Call of Duty video since Call of Duty Ghosts.

Exhibit C) No Xbox One branding at begining of teasers.

Exhibit D) Neogaf “Industry Insider” Kyoufu is indcating that the Call of Duty exclusivity deal has moved over to Sony.

At the very least, it looks like Sony is showing more CoD love this year. Typically exclusivity agreements are announced in close proximity to the reveal trailer, although this may not be the case with Black Ops 3. Last year, Microsoft announced DLC is coming first to Xbox approximately 24 hours after the May 1st reveal of Advanced Warfare.