RUMOR: Call of Duty 2019 is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4

Keshav Bhat

A new rumor has surfaced from Matt Harris, who previously leaked some accurate (and some inaccurate) information on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, about what Call of Duty 2019 is. He claims that Call of Duty 2019 is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4.

This lines up with information that charlieINTEL has heard about Infinity Ward’s next Call of Duty title.

Infinity Ward’s last two Call of Duty games has received mediocre response from the Call of Duty community. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare had the most disliked trailer in Call of Duty’s history.

Earlier today, we reported that several Infinity Ward developers who moved to Respawn back in 2010 have returned to Infinity Ward recently, suggesting that Modern Warfare 4 could feel more like the OG Call of Duty titles.

Earlier this year, Activision’s now former CEO, Eric Hirshberg stated that the upcoming 3 year Call of Duty slate is the best in franchise history. “Its suffice to say I think we have the best 3 year slate in Call of Duty’s history, which is really saying something given this franchise’s history,” Hirshberg said. He followed up by also saying that they have many game universes that ‘players love’ on tap. “And I think we’ve got multiple different game universes that we know our players love on tap, so obviously, more to come on that.”

The last entry to the Modern Warfare series was released back in 2011 and was the biggest entertainment launch of the year, reaching $1 billion in sales in 18 days after launch.

Activision has not announced any details about Call of Duty 2019, and we should not expect any information till early 2019.

SOURCE: GamingIntel