Activision confirms Warzone’s success led to rethinking marketing strategy

Keshav Bhat

Activision President Rob Kostich had confirmed during the company’s Q2 earnings call that Call of Duty: Warzone, Mobile, and Modern Warfare’s success this year has led to changes with marketing strategies.

When asked, Kostich says that having this expanded player base now let’s them directly engage with their fans and present news within the Warzone world.

He says that it provides a ‘direct’ connection to fans which they’ve never had before in such a way.

Starting with marketing, it’s [Warzone] definitely had an impact there and how we think about marketing in this new world. As you see from our results, right now we have a larger, more engaged and more global audience than we’ve ever had at any point in time in our history. And that means we can be more direct and more targeted than we’ve ever been before. So that’s a huge benefit and plus for us when we think about marketing on that vector. 

Kostich also says story telling is very important to the company, and thats also a big part of the marketing strategies for the company.

With the world created with Warzone, they now can be ‘more creative, fun, and more engaging’ with fans than previously possible.

Another thing I think that is really important for us as it relates to marketing is story telling, from the story telling perspective. So, we can be more even more creative, fun, and more engaging with our fans than ever before.

Warzone will be used as a ‘platform to share franchise news and information,’ which leads us to believe Warzone will be used to reveal the 2020 Call of Duty title.

So if you look at Warzone in particular, it’s not only like a great game experience, but it’s also a great platform for us to share new franchise news and information directly with our community like we’ve haven’t done before. So this also a big and positive change for us as we think about the business. And kinda to your initial point you were you talking about why…the waiting for such a long time, we are and we aren’t, but it’s Warzone thats caused us to rethink how, when, and even where we reveal our upcoming titles.

He wrapped up by saying that this year’s reveal will be ‘very different and more engaging’ experience than ever before.

So we can’t wait to share with the community, and we think it’s going to be very different and more engaging than anything that we’ve done before.

Stay tuned for news on Call of Duty 2020.

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