Activision CEO says company has ‘best 3 year slate in Call of Duty’s history’ coming

Keshav Bhat

During the company’s Q4 Earnings Call, Activision Publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg, was asked about Call of Duty and surrounding what’s coming up for Call of Duty.

Of course, he did not elaborate on specific details as Activision is not yet ready to reveal their upcoming title, but he did say that ‘I think we have the best 3 year slate in Call of Duty history coming up,‘ referring to the next rotation of Call of Duty games from the 3 development studios.

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“So, that of course, sets the stage for the game we have planned later this year, which is being developed by our team at Treyarch. Now, as you know, they have developed some of our most successful games ever, and they have proven time and time again that they know how to keep our players engaged for the long haul.

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So, overall, I’d say our strategy for Call of Duty is working. WWII is a blockbuster. We’ve got a thriving Black Ops community whose excited for the upcoming Treyarch developed game. I honestly, really wish I could say more about what we have in the pipeline because I’m so excited about it, but its suffice to say I think we have the best 3 year slate in Call of Duty’s history, which is really saying something given this franchise’s history. And I think we’ve got multiple different game universes that we know our players love on tap, so obviously, more to come on that.”

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Looks like there’s a lot of Call of Duty to look forward too. As always, stay tuned for the latest news.

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