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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone Scopes and Scatterguns: Return date, new ruleset, loot table

Warzone’s Scopes and Scatterguns mode is returning in Season 6 with a twist. Here is everything you need to know about the game mode.



warzone scopes scatterguns mode

Warzone Season 3’s Scopes and Scatterguns mode is coming back strong in Season 6. You’ve got to hit your shots or it’s game over.

Scopes and Scatterguns is Warzone‘s take on Shotty Snipers. It was a new game mode introduced during Warzone Season 3. However, its reintroduction is getting a major facelift.

Like before, players will only be able to use shotguns or snipers. This means players are forced to use close combat or ranged weapons with no in-between. With the long reload times of these weapons, you can’t afford to miss any shots.

Here’s everything you need to know about Warzone’s Scopes and Scatterguns mode, including its brand new ruleset.

Warzone Scopes and Scatterguns return date

warzone scopes scatterguns emblem

Scopes and Scatterguns will return to Warzone on October 14. It will first return as a Trios mode and then return as a Quads mode on October 21.

However, Scopes and Scatterguns is set to be removed from Warzone on October 28. It will likely return in the future, but that’s as far out as the playlist schedule goes for now.

Warzone season 6 playlist schedule
Warzone Season 6’s Playlist Schedule

Scopes and Scatterguns rules

The Scopes and Scatterguns mode is getting a massive update compared to its original form. The first is that it will no longer take place in Verdansk. Scopes and Scatterguns will now take place on Rebirth Island.

This also means that players will respawn like they do in Rebirth Resurgence. However, this also means players will have to survive the close quarters of Rebirth Island with only shotguns and snipers.

While you may be able to respawn infinitely, soaring through the skies has never been more dangerous.

warzone rebirth island

Scopes and Scatterguns Loot Table

As the name implies, players will be limited to snipers and shotguns. There won’t be any free loadout drops, and you won’t be able to purchase a Loadout from Buy Stations. You have to rely on what you can scavenge.

And since the 1911 sidearm is neither a sniper nor a shotgun, it’s being replaced. Players will start each round with the Marshal which was introduced to Warzone in Season 5. Think of it as a pistol/shotgun hybrid.

As for the specific weapons you can find, we don’t know yet. We also aren’t sure if there will be perks, lethal, or tactical equipment. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

That’s everything we know about Warzone Season 6 Scopes and Scatterguns mode.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software