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Skate won’t be pay-to-win with Apex Legends-style microtransactions

Skate is set to take inspiration from Apex Legends’ microtransaction system as they announce their free-to-play live service model.



apex legends valkyrie and bangalore with skate 3 image

After the announcement that EA’s new installment to the Skate franchise will be free-to-play, the devs discussed how they are looking at Apex Legends to implement microtransactions.

The hype for a new Skate game is truly real, with the developers releasing more information and gameplay of the title. The franchise has an extremely dedicated fan base, and it seems the community’s wishes are at the forefront of the game’s development.

With the devs revealing that will be a live service free-to-play game that the devs will support for years to come, then came the question of microtransactions, to which they seem to be looking at Apex Legends‘ model for inspiration.

skate character grinding

Both Apex Legends and Skate are under Electronic Arts, so it makes sense for the developers at Full Circle to mention Apex Legends in their recent “The Board Room” informational video.

In the video, the devs revealed that Skate will follow a free-to-play live service model, which is a model that has become very popular for multiplayer games in the industry.

Being a free-to-play game usually means seasonal content and microtransactions, which is exactly what Skate will be offering. When on the topic of microtransactions, the devs confirmed that it will be strictly cosmetic, as they are against any sort of pay-to-win system.

Developer Isabelle Mocquard shared some information on how they went about implementing the microtransaction model, stating that they “are taking inspiration from games like Apex Legends or other popular titles that are free-to-play.”

The aspect the devs like about the Apex Legends model is that “spending money is totally optional and is mostly about cosmetics and convenience.” This could also mean that Skate will see events and other seasonal activities to keep players entertained.

They do not want to create a divide between players who would like to spend money and those who don’t, which sounds like a promising system for all.

We’ll have to wait and see just how well this is executed upon release, but if you’d like to know more about how Apex Legends adds new content, check out our piece on the Season 13 Gaiden event.

Image Credits: EA / Respawn Entertainment