Monkey Tycoon codes for free Monkeys, Sword, more in April 2024

Hamza Khalid
Roblox monkey tycoon cover with a monkey

The gameplay loop of building monkey towers and purchasing better towers with bananas in Monkey Tycoon can become tiring, and to boost your progress, here are the codes handing out Monkeys, Swords, and other valuable items in April 2024.

There’s an abundance of tycoon games on Roblox and Monkey Tycoon is one of the genre-leading games with over 25 million visits. Although the gameplay which revolves around monkeys and towers is simple, who would mind some freebies?

To help you claim millions of free Monkeys and other exciting items instantly, here are all the working Monkey Tycoon codes in April 2024.


Active Monkey Tycoon codes for April 2024

You can redeem the following Monkey Tycoon codes for free rewards in April 2024:

  • HughMungus – One million Monkeys
  • Nothing – Free Monkeys
  • BloodForTheBloodGod – Free Monkeys
  • Tarantula – Free Monkeys
  • hot – Light You on Fire
  • Medusa – Free Monkeys
  • /codelist – Two Sacrifices
  • Cipher – 4.8M Monkeys
  • MonkeyTycoonForever – 4.8M Monkeys
  • IHopeNothingBadHappens – Free Monkeys
  • statues – Free Monkeys
  • Primate – Free Gifts
  • YEKNOM – Free Monkeys
  • monkey backwards – Free Monkeys
  • Ape – Free Monkeys
  • GOOBLESTHEALIEN – Free Monkeys
  • Murder – Free Monkeys
  • Gorilla – Free Gifts
  • nirvana – Free Monkeys
  • ELSEP03M – Free Monkeys
  • rollthedice – Free Monkeys
  • monkey – Free Monkeys
  • Arboreal – Gifts
  • asteroid – Four Sacrifices
  • MichaelsaJoestar – Free Monkeys
  • September – Free Monkeys
  • Simian – Free Gifts
  • bugfixing – Five Sacrifices
  • balls – Free Monkeys
  • freeslimemonkey – Among Us
  • Bakery – Free Monkeys
  • RIGVSQERGIV – 4.8M Monkeys
  • Orangutan – Free Gifts
  • boogers – Free Monkeys
  • PlayStreetWars – Two Sacrifices
  • Nuclear – Free Monkeys
  • bugfixing – Five Sacrifices
  • BOOSTMEUP – Free Monkeys
  • LotsOfMonkeys – Free Monkeys
  • Baboon – Free Gifts
  • bottle – Three Sacrifices
  • 142496 – Free Monkeys
  • Thanks – Free Monkeys
  • Plantain – Free Monkeys
Roblox Monkey Tycoon tower
You can redeem Monkey Tycoon codes for free rewards.

Expired Monkey Tycoon codes in April 2024

As of April 2024, these Monkey Tycoon codes have expired:


Monkey Tycoon codes expire after a short amount of time as they’re replaced by new ones. We’ll keep this guide updated with all of the latest codes, so check back with us!

How to redeem Monkey Tycoon codes

To redeem Monkey Tycoon codes, you must select the Codes option on the left side of your screen.

Here’s how to get this done:

  1. Launch Monkey Tycoon on Roblox.
  2. Select the Codes option.
  3. Enter an active code.
  4. Hit redeem.

How to get more Monkey Tycoon codes

We suggest bookmarking this article and checking back often (during updates and in-game events) to get more Monkey Tycoon codes. This is because we’ll update this space with the latest working and expired codes regularly.

Alternatively, here are some sources that can announce codes:

Why are your Monkey Tycoon codes not working?

Your Monkey Tycoon codes might not be working for these reasons:

  • Typos and capitalization errors are common issues for codes not working. To avoid them, simply copy-paste the working codes from our list above.
  • The code you’re entering has expired. Because Roblox codes don’t have a fixed validity period and the developers can randomly deactivate them without prior notice.
  • A lot of times, Roblox codes are locked behind level requirements if the developers wish to reward more experienced players in the community.

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