Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3.3 update patch notes: New Clash weapon, Kapkan buff & P10 Roni nerf

Liam Mackay
Rainbow Six Siege Clash operator

Another round of balancing has hit Rainbow Six Siege, with the Y6S3.3 update giving some Operators a much-needed buff, but some weapons have also been hit by nerfs. Here’s everything you need to know about the update, including full patch notes.

Operators are the focus of Rainbow Six Siege’s Y6S3.3 update, with Clash getting a new weapon, Kapkan getting a healthy buff, and Castle getting even more Armor Panels at his disposal. On top of that, there are some impactful weapon nerfs too.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege’s Y6S3.3 update.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3.3 Operator buffs & nerfs

Kapkan in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege’s Y6S3.3 update has given some healthy changes to Castle, Clash, Kapkan, Melusi, Oryx, and Wamai. The majority of these Operator balance changes are to buff lesser-used Operators, but they’ve also changed up Melusi to limit her combat effectiveness and focus on her intel side.

Devs explained that Clash’s P-10C only had a pick rate of 3%, so they took it away and gave her the Super Shorty, a small pump-action Shotgun, instead.

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kapkan entry denial devices on rainbow six siege doorway

Kapkan’s Entry Denial Devices are powerful tools, but now there’s no limit to how many can be stacked on an entrance. Players can cover a doorway in these trip mines, which changes them from a “mild inconvenience to a full frag real quick.”

Castle’s Armor Panels are effective, but easier to counter. To give players more options, Ubisoft have increased the amount from three to four. But, it now takes a couple fewer melee hits to destroy one.

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Check out the full patch notes below for the rest of the Operator changes.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3.3 update weapon & Gadget buffs & nerfs

Rainbow Six Siege Mx4 storm recoil nerf comparison

A couple of powerful weapons have been nerfed in the Y6S3.3 update, with the Mx4 Storm and P10 Roni getting more recoil among other changes. But, players now have more Hard Breach Charges at their disposal.

The Mx4 Storm has had its recoil increased, but the P10 Roni got hit the hardest. Its initial shots will now be much harder to control, and its magazine size has been reduced so that players will “have less bullets to fall back on.”

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But, players can now access another Hard Breach Charge to encourage players to use it more and find more creative uses for it.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3.3 patch notes

Rainbow Six Siege operators

Here are the full patch notes for Rainbow Six Siege’s Y6S3.3 update.

Operator balancing


  • Increased Armor Panels to 4 (was 3).
  • Reduced melee hits required to destroy a Armor Panels to 9 (was 12).


  • Added Super Shorty (removed P-10C).


  • Number of Entry Denial Devices per door/window frame no longer limited to 1.


  • Added Bullet Proof Camera (removed Nitro Cell).


  • Reduced Remah Dash charge refill time to 8s (was 12s).


  • Increased max Mag-NET System to 6 (was 4).
  • Reduced Mag-NET System catching area to 3.5m (was 5m).

Weapon balancing

Mx4 Storm

  • Increased Mx4 vertical recoil.

P10 Roni

  • Reduced P10 Roni magazine to 15+1 (was 19+1).
    • Total ammo:
      • PVP – 181
      • Hardcore – 121
      • PVE – 196
  • Increased vertical recoil.
  • Increases first kick recoil.

Gadget balancing

Hard Breach Charge

  • Increased gadget amount to 2 (was 1).
    • Affected Operators: Montagne, Buck, Fuze, Capitao, Amaru, Nokk, Ying, Zero

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Image Credit: Ubisoft

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