Simple Pokemon Go tips find rare 1000 Stardust spawn with ease

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go item stardust with water type background

Pokemon Go players can farm more Stardust by catching certain spawns that offer bonus amounts of this precious resource. With one such species hardly available in most locations, many have shared some handy tips to find it.

This species is the fan-favorite Water type from Gen 1, Shellder, and it’s particularly sought after as it gives a whopping 1000 Stardust after getting caught. So, when a user on the Pokemon Go subreddit couldn’t find any, several fans came to the rescue.

Users pointed out that the Aquatic Paradise event, running until July 9, 2024, is a great time to find Shellder, although in an unconventional way. “It’s an Incense-only spawn,” a trainer commented.

During the event, Shellder has a high likelihood of spawning around a regular Incense along with some rare finds like Lapras and Frillish. That said, a few mentioned that the chances of finding it are much lower by a Daily Incense.

When some trainers stated that they got more than five Shellder while walking with an active Incense, others were worried that they wouldn’t find it after the event ended.

However, that is not a concern, as players shed light on another means of catching this Stardust-heavy Pokemon: “They are in the wild in the beach biome.”

You should note that a beach biome isn’t necessarily located near the sea, as lakes, rivers, or any water body in your area comes under this category. Such locations are full of Water-type spawns, making Shellder easy to find.

Additionally, you can also try putting a Rain Lure Module around a PokeStop and try getting a Shellder outside the event, although a beach biome remains the best option.

While you search for Shellder, don’t forget to drop a Star Piece to get 1500 Stardust from each catch. Also, if you are out of Incense or Lure Modules, you can use PokeCoins to buy them from the in-game Shop.

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