How to get Shadow Snover in Pokemon Go

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Snover Pokemon

Shadow Pokemon are desirable in Pokemon Go for their powerful and unique attacks. Here’s how you can get a Shadow version of Snover in Pokemon Go.

Just like in the manga, Team Rocket grunts and leaders like Arlo and Giovanni capture Pokemon in Pokemon Go, and it’s the responsibility of trainers to rescue them. Shadow Pokemon have many unique characteristics ranging from their appearance to stats.

Here’s a guide to getting a Grass and Ice-type Shadow Snover in Pokemon Go.

A Snover Pokemon standing

How to catch Shadow Snover in Pokemon Go

Team Go Rocket grunts no longer use Snover implying that currently, there’s no way for you to get its Shadow variant. Back in January 2021, Pokemon Go released the Sinnoh collection event during which Shadow Stunky and Shadow Snover were available in the game.

You could catch a Shadow Snover by defeating a Team Go Rocket grunt who says “you are going to be frozen in your tracks.” This quote signified that the grunt is using Ice Pokemon and when trainers defeat them, they’ll have the opportunity to rescue a Shadow Snover.

You get two Premier Pokeballs to capture a Shadow Pokemon. This number can be increased up to 10 by getting medals related to defeating grunts and purifying Shadow Pokemon. Moreover, you get an additional Pokeball for every surviving Pokemon in your party after the battle.

Shadow Snover might return to Pokemon Go in an upcoming event. Until then, you can focus on catching other Shadow Pokemon or try to get your hands on a Lucky Pokemon.

What are Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go are different from regular Pokemon Go in these ways:

  • All Shadow Pokemon know a Charged TM named Frustration.
  • After purification, Frustration is replaced with Return.
  • Shadow Pokemon deal 20% more damage which works like a weather boost but they also have lesser defense.

Purification improves the IVs of Shadow Pokemon and boosts their level to 25. It removes the Shadow bonus effect but reduces the cost of evolving them, making them learn a new attack, and powering them up.

Three Shadow Pokemon from Pokemon Go including Aron and Swinub

To be fair, Shadow Pokemon are much better than regular Pokemon but leveling them up will require you to collect a ton of Stardust and candies. While some say that it’s worth the grind, casual players disagree.

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Image Credits: Niantic / The Pokemon Company

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