Palworld players horrified by “brutal” Pal backstory

Nathan Warby
Palworld Pal blocking shots

Palworld features a whole variety of different Pals to capture, each with unique abilities and lore. But players have been left disturbed by the in-game description of one creature in particular.

There are well over 100 different Pals to track down in Palworld, all of which have their own abilities and specialties. Some are essential for Mining, while others can help you with Lumbering or gathering key resources.

While all Pals are broken up into categories based on their type, each species has its own unique Paldeck entry. This offers a breakdown of what it’s useful for, as well as a description of their personality and some background lore.

However, Reddit user ‘Kenkaboom’ shared a post with a screenshot of Hangyu’s Paldeck entry, a Ground Pal that is mostly used for Handiwork and Transporting. Palworld players were left disturbed by the description of the Pal, calling its backstory “sick” compared to the other creatures.

The Paldeck description reads: “Its gigantic arms can rip apart even iron. As a particularly cruel form of execution, serious criminals would be strung up in a public square, and a Hangyu would tear the skin right from their bones.”

While many Palworld players had made the connection between Hangyu’s appearance and its name, they were still shocked by this graphic piece of lore.

“I always assumed his name was a play on ‘hang you’ as in like a noose or something [as] he would just grab your neck and float up but this is much more horrible,” said one reply, before another added: “I remember going ‘holy s**t that’s brutal’ when I first read its paldex description.”

While some were clearly taken aback by Hangyu’s former role of inflicting capital punishment, the community seemed to welcome the “dark” stories behind certain Pals, comparing them to Pokemon.

“I love how f**kin psycho the Paldeck entries are,” said another player. “Palworld saw some of Pokemon’s darker entries in the Pokedex and said ‘hold my beer.'”

As more and more players hop into Palworld, don’t be surprised to more of these out-of-pocket backstories come to light. With so many powerful Pals on the Palpagos Islands, there’s sure to be even more interesting, or disturbing, tidbits to find.

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