How to get Small Pal Souls in Palworld

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Small Pal Souls are some of the most important loot in Palworld, but getting them regularly can be a bit difficult. So here’s how to get Small Pal Souls in Palworld.

Palworld is considered to be one of the biggest releases of 2024 as it saw a massive influx of players, surpassing almost every popular online game on the market. With a tremendous amount of content packed in it, Pocketpair’s latest release has started with a bang.

From catching Pals to leveling your character up, there’s a lot to get stuck into in Palworld. Leveling up your character and Pals is a vital aspect of the game and you will need special items like the Small Pal Soul to accomplish this.

Here’s how to find Small Pal Souls in Palworld.

Where to find Small Pal Souls in Palworld

You can either defeat certain small Pals or plunder some chests to get Small Pal Souls in Palworld. Although there are multiple ways to get these in the game, there are no definite farming methods for it as of writing. So you might have to look around for a while to get hold of these resources.

Cattiva in Palworld
There is no definite farming method for Small Pal Souls.

You can get Small Pal Souls by farming these Pals:

  • Daedream
  • Felbat
  • Tombat
  • Cawgnito
  • Nox
  • Maraith

Keep in mind that Pal Souls are a pretty rare commodity in Palworld and many consider them to be even rarer than Pal Spheres. However, you can get your hands on them by stumbling on some random chests in the open world, with Small Pal Souls being the most common out of all Pal Souls.

Aside from all the previously mentioned ways to get Small Pal Souls, you can also find them lying about on the ground randomly during your strolls through the lands. Be on the lookout for shining chests and items in the environment.

What do you need Small Pal Souls for in Palworld?

Small Pal Souls, and every other Pal Soul, in Palworld are used for upgrading Pal Stats and making them stronger. Whenever you get the required amount of Small Pal Souls, head over to the nearest Statue of Power to upgrade the stats of your Pals to make them more efficient.

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