Opinion: These features could help improve Black Ops 4’s Combat Records

Tommi Turunen

Combat Records have had a hard road in Call of Duty with some games containing almost no detailed stats for players. Black Ops 4 stands somewhere in the middle ground, but is that good enough?

We don’t think so. Treyarch used to be the leader in Call of Duty’s development circle for creating detailed statistics for players. Black Ops 1 introduced one of the most detailed Combat Records ever released in a game. Stats on weapons, grenades, gamemodes, etc. were displayed for players.

Zoom forward to Black Ops 4 and we have different story. Players no longer have detailed stats for individual weapons, only for their career as a whole.

For a look at what Treyarch should be aiming for, let’s take a gander at Black Ops 1’s Combat Records. It’s not a pretty comparison.

The game included heat maps for each map played, individual game modes and match data, CoD point earnings graphs, body heat maps, weapons stats, and much more.

All of these stats could not only be seen by yourself, but also by other players. You could analyze their stats, look for weaknesses, and plan out your best ways to beat the opponents. If someone said they were a “god of CoD,” you could easily dispel that notion by checking up on their 0.31 K/D.

In comparison, here’s a view at Black Ops 4’s Combat Record.

A rather bland screen with some stats on your personal performance with EKIAs tracked above direct kills. No weapon stats, no heat maps, no killstreak info.

Our suggestion to Treyarch is to learn from themselves. Treyarch were the visionaries that improved upon the success of MW2. Now it is time to look back and see the success they paved and re-implement these great features.

It would be a boon to the game as a whole and allow us all to better understand what we are doing right/wrong in our gameplay. It would help us understand each other as teammates and how we can win more games together.

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