We are Officially 1 YEAR OLD! This is how and where it all started…


June 1st, 2011. I was sick and didn’t make into work that day so I decided to catchup on all the recent MW3 PRE-E3 buzz and hype. The Microsoft press conference was a couple days away and I was really hyped to see what gameplay would be shown so I decided to go through the 1000+ Call of Duty image JPEGs that I had saved throughout the years and quickly realized how large my collection was and thought it would be a great idea to store them online somewhere. After a few quick google searches for “Free web hosting” I came across weebly.com and started up my very first Call of Duty website called “CODlocker.weebly.com” (Locker as in “storage“). Well, the name lasted about an hour till I realized I didnt like it and needed something more catchy. I finally decided on ‘charlie INTEL’ and registered the domain the same day. The name “Charlie” was inspired by Modern Warfare’s original web site “CharlieOscarDelta.com”…

Still only focused on storing images as a type of Call of Duty “media hub”, it wasn’t until I played around with Weebly more that I accidentally discovered it had a blog section which allowed me to post updates and news. So I figured I’d give it a shot and the following week I posted 3 stories. Then it happened…The Microsoft E3 press conference.

I stayed home again because I couldn’t miss it. After being completely blown away by the “Hunter Killer” mission shown by Robert Bowling, I decided to continue forward and remain 100% commited to charlieINTEL. Unfortunately, Weebly.com didnt have any mobile apps and was NOT iPhone friendly which meant I had to wait till my lunch hour at work or when I got home in order to update or add any stories. This is when I asked my 30 followers, if any one would like to help out with the blog. Keshav(@Kkiller14) was the first to respond and was just as enthusiastic as I was.

The next 2 months were a blast. It was now August when the blog was barely 2 months old but taking off when Peter(with FragClip) reached out to me and said he would like to help me upgrade from Weebly to WordPress, not knowing Peter that well, I took a leap of faith and reluctantly agreed. It was one of the best decisions I made for the blog, it allowed me to update from my mobile phone and update the blog from anywhere I was at, bringing news to everyone seconds after it happened.

500+ articles later.. the rest is history…

The charlie INTEL “Archives”:

Our entire staff would like to say thank you for following and sticking with us throughout the year. Black Ops 2 will surely make 2012 an exciting year.. Here, have some birthday cake!! 😉

-Victor, Keshav, Jon, Chris, Derek, Callum, Peter

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