This Warzone random drop generator will help you become a master of Verdansk ’84

Nicholas Barth
Warzone Random Drop Generator

Trying new landing spots will help you greatly in learning Verdansk ’84. Two community members recently created a Warzone random drop generator that will push you to learn new areas.

Verdansk ’84 was introduced at the start of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 and has caused players to learn the layout of the new map that includes new areas and areas that have been completely remade compared to the modern-day Verdansk.

However, most players get very comfortable landing at the same couple of areas every game to where they might not be very familiar with other areas of the map, leading to trouble when the circle forces them to navigate these areas during a match.

Warzone random drop generator

This is why a couple of community members created a handy Warzone random drop generator that will provide areas for you to land and help you try out and learn new areas of the map that you may have avoided or not tried out before.

Warzone random drop generator

Community member themcfadden posted a video showing how their Warzone random drop generator works over the official Warzone subreddit. Interested players can try this out by visiting the website for the Warzone random drop generator.

All you have to do is press the generate spot button, and it will pick a completely random location for you to land at, which helps with the pre-jump planning when you are in the helicopter and prevents you from continuing to go to the same spot every single game.

Using this website will undoubtedly help players learn areas of the map they did not frequent before and help them take advantage of the terrain during gunfights or navigating to the circle and avoiding the gas.

Using this Warzone random drop generator for a few different playing sessions will undoubtedly help players gain a better understanding of Verdansk ’84 that should aid them in the future when it comes to securing victories.

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