Podcast: eSports talk with @Chaosxsilencer from tK, Twitch Takeover, Micro-DLC, Trickshotting, YouTube past & more


In this weeks episode we discuss Call of Duty and eSports featuring Chaosxsilencer, the owner of Team KaLiBeR. We ask Chaos about the eSports scene within Call of Duty and thoughts on the upcoming Advanced Warfare release.

We also discuss the recent Twitch and YouTube rumor, Micro-DLC, Trickshotting and the good old days of Call of Duty on YouTube.

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thatPetey (CharlieINTEL Admin)
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Chaosxsilencer – Owner of tK
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YouTube: http://youtube.com/Chaosxsilencer

Jayex23 – YouTuber
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YouTube: http://youtube.com/jayex23

Wizzite – YouTuber
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YouTube: http://youtube.com/wizzite

Unknown Player – YouTuber
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