New Teaser Image for Call of Duty: Ghosts has GPS Coordinates

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A new teaser image on the official Call of Duty website has gone live. The image has two coordinates, 10.480891 -66.903698.

The coordinates take you to a location in Venezuela in Google Maps.

Here’s a recent picture from Caracas, Venezuela via Google Street view:

UPDATE: The other set of numbers, 183.84, appears to be the atomic mass of the chemical element Tungsten. As noted by MP1st, Tungsten is used currently in the weapons industry and in satellite experiments.

UPDATE 2: A new connection between Venezuela and the number 183.84 has been discovered: the ex-President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, died this year from a cancer known as ‘Rhabdomyosarcoma.’ A study has linked Tungsten to be one of the causes (with atomic mass of 183.84) of ‘Rhabdomyosarcoma.’ This could have led to the “Ghosts” having something to do with the death of Hugo Chavez, as recently there have been many conspiracy theories that the CIA intentionally killed Chavez. Some news reports state the Chavez was “injected” with cancer cells that caused him to deteriorate.  (via Irish_Spark86)

As of May 18th, the Call of Duty site updated again adding a “.” to the 183 84 numbers further backing that it is the atomic mass of Tungsten:

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SOURCE: Call of Duty

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