Modern Warfare CX-9 & RAAL blueprints found in game files

Nicholas Barth
Modern Warfare RAAL CX-9

The RAAL LMG and CX-9 SMG have been two of the most popular items when it comes to unreleased content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, with the recent discovery of blueprints for the weapons in the game’s files fueling players’ desire for them even more.

Modern Warfare may not be the main focus of the Call of Duty franchise at the moment, with Warzone and Black Ops Cold War taking the spotlight currently. However, there is still a huge playerbase for the game who would like to see the previously leaked and added pieces of content for Modern Warfare be officially released.

This unreleased content had previously included the Sykov Pistol and the Al-RAAB Airbase and Drainage maps before they were officially added to the game.

Now, the desire for the RAAL LMG and CX-9 SMG, which had both been available in Warzone at one point before being taken out and have been spotted in Modern Warfare again, has increased a great deal with the discovery of game files showing off blueprints for these two highly sought after weapons.

Modern Warfare RAAL CX-9

Modern Warfare RAAL and CX-9 blueprints

The discovery of the Modern Warfare RAAL and CX-9 blueprints was posted on the official subreddit for the Call of Duty game by community member TW0ZER0SIX, which showed off the ROOK blueprint for the LMG and the SERAC blueprint for the SMG. You can check these blueprints out below:

ROOK RAAL LMG blueprint

Modern Warfare RAAL

SERAC CX-9 SMG blueprint

Modern Warfare CX-9

Many community members commented on the post and stated their excitement for these weapons and their desire to hopefully see them officially added to the game at some point.

However, Infinity Ward, the developers of Modern Warfare, has not commented on whether or not these two weapons will ever make their way into the game, along with the leaked but unreleased SOAP Operator.

There is no doubt that there will be a great deal of happiness and joy in the Call of Duty community if the Modern Warfare RAAL LMG and CX-9 SMG are officially added, as they will be able to use these weapons in not only Modern Warfare but also Warzone which would lead to plenty of highlights for the playerbase.

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Image Credits: Activision / TW0ZER0SIX via Reddit

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