How to do “super bunny hops” in Modern Warfare & Warzone

Modern Warfare players have discovered a movement technique that allows them to ‘bunny hop’ at incredible speeds.

With Modern Warfare’s new engine came ‘slide-canceling’ and a rise in the use of a movement technique called ‘bunny hopping.’

‘Bunny hopping’ is where after building momentum from sprinting, you can side jump and if your jumps are timed correctly, you will hop a few times much faster than normal movement. This technique is most commonly used when rounding a corner or entering a room as while ‘bunny hopping,’ you are difficult to track.

Reddit user deathdude01 explained on November 3 how some players have been further exploiting this mechanic. Sometimes it appears that enemies are ‘super-jumping’ across your screen. This is a ‘bunny hop’ which propels players a much further distance at an incredibly fast speed.

Super bunny hopping explained

It’s not a connection-based issue or cheats, it’s actually a trick that anyone can pull off. The key here is to begin your ‘bunny hop’ by jumping down from an elevated area onto a slanted surface. As explained in the Reddit post: “If you get enough speed and bunny hop your landing, you can get a bounce.”

Timing your jump as soon as you hit the ground will propel you forward, confusing your enemy and giving time for a quick elimination.

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Warzone currently has the same movement system as Modern Warfare but is more forgiving with fall damage so expect this to work even better in Verdansk.

Players have also reported that this trick can be done in Zombie Royale. The zombie’s charge jump and immunity to fall damage make this especially easy to do. Although the Haunting of Verdansk event has concluded, Zombie Royale is still available in Warzone for a limited time.

Jump into Modern Warfare and try this trick out for yourself.