Gfinity Tournament for Black Ops 2 this weekend; schedule and live stream info

Keshav Bhat


The ‘biggest’ London tournament for Black Ops 2 starts Friday, July 12th with the opening ceremony live on Twitch TV! This is Gfinity’s first tournament featuring a $55,000 prize pool.

10 Call of Duty teams will be competing: OpTic Gaming, IcoNs Impact, UNiTE Gaming, Curse, Ozone Giants, EnVyUs, TCM, Complexity, AAA, and Prophecy.

Saturday Scheudle (all in UK time):

  • 9:30am –
    • Alpha: Prophecy v. UNiTE
    • Bravo: EnVyUs vs. Curse EU
  • 10:45am –
    • Alpha: pTic Gaming vs. Ozone Giants
    • Bravo: TCM Gaming vs. Team AAA.
  • 12:00pm –
    • Alpha: Complexity vs. Prophecy
    • Bravo: Curse EU v. Impact
  • 13:15pm –
    • Alpha: OpTic vs. UNiTE
    • Bravo: EnVyUs vs. TCM
  • 14:30pm –
    • Alpha: Ozone Giants vvs. Complexity
    • Bravo: AAA v. Impact
  • 15:45 –
    • Alpha: Prophecy vs. OpTic Gaming
    • Bravo: TCM vs. Curse EU
  • 17:00 –
    • Alpha: Complexity vs. UNiTE
    • Bravo: AAA vs. EnVyUs
  • 18:15 –
    • Alpha: Ozone Giants v. Prophecy
    • Bravo: Impact vs. TCM
  • 19:30 –
    • Alpha: Optic Gaming vs. Complexity
    • Bravo: Curse v. AAA
  • 20:45 –
    • Alpha: UNiTE vs. Ozone
    • Bravo: Impact vs. EnVyUs

The first round starts Saturday, July 13th, starting at 9:30am GMT, with group rounds for qualifying. Finals will be held on Sunday.

All the tournament games will be live streamed on Gfinity’s Twitch channels here. Gfinity Alpha and Gfinity Bravo will have all the Call of Duty: Black Ops II games from the event.

Casters include Hastr0, Fwiz, Benson, Puckett, Rel, Gooch, and Tunn; iJustine will be there for the opening ceremony and as a show host.

SOURCE: Gfinity