EA won’t stop till they beat Call of Duty

Keshav Bhat

EA Games Label executive vice president Patrick Soderlund has said that they won’t stop working until they beat Call of Duty with their Battlefield franchise.

“Competition is good,” said Soderlund. “It brings the best out of people. If there was only Battlefield or only Call of Duty, then the development teams might have been a little bit more content. We don’t look at them necessarily and mimic what they do.”

He said that his team is ‘killing themselves’ to become number one in the industry.

“We are spending a ton of money on this, our teams are killing themselves every year to make great games,” he added. “I want to give our consumers the best I can. We will strive to be number one. If I said, ‘number five is probably fine,’ it’s hard for people to rally behind that message. But I wouldn’t say we could be number one if I didn’t think we could. I think I have the right team, the right product and the right strategy to get there.”


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