CoD Casters concerned over eSports and Call of Duty: Ghosts

A well known Call of Duty caster, Ryan Wyatt (Fwiz), sounded off on twitter yesterday over his concerns with Ghosts and eSports support.

For Black Ops 2, hastr0 was brought on board with Treyarch and Activision to assist with the eSports side of the game. This really helped them grow the Call of Duty eSports community to a new level. Black Ops 2 has the Call of Duty: Championship (which is confirmed to be returning), MLG Dallas and Anahiem events. Each event had almost 60K viewers.

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For Ghosts, not one community eSports member has been contacted by IW or Activision about helping or developing eSports with Ghosts, says Fwiz. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad, as Mark Rubin did say that they’re planning on supporting eSports in an interview from E3.


Activision’s Ash Thukral (CoD eSports dev) said “Relax… ” and “please be patient” in responding to Fwiz’s concerns.

We’re expecting to hear a lot more information on MP next month. We’ll keep you posted…

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