Characters We’d Like to See As Blackout Skins

Tommi Turunen

Call of Duty’s rise to popularity came with a mixture of iconic gameplay and remarkable characters.

Many of Call of Duty’s finest characters left lasting impressions on us as players. Captain Price taught us to check our corners and Gaz instructed us with the key tip of “switching to your sidearm is always faster than reloading.”

We went on to fight alongside them in missions and took the lessons they taught us to the grimy battlefields of Multiplayer.

Alternatively, in the case of the other memorable characters listed here, they were our greatest enemies. They committed acts of violence and lunacy that shook us to the very bone, teaching us what evil and hatred look like when manifested into man.

Now, it would only be fitting to honor these comrades and enemies with something worthy of their personalities, histories, and combat prowess.

These are characters we would love to see receive a reintroduction as Blackout skins for Black Ops 4.

Captain Price

Captain Price appeared in all three Modern Warfare games and served as the main supporting role alongside our player characters. A to-the-point military man with a bit of humor to spice things up, Price was there from beginning to bitter end.

General Shepherd

A ruthless military mastermind who hatched a plan to begin World War III in order to cement himself as the greatest military general in history. This led to Russia’s attack on US soil and the death of Ghost as well as many others. He served as the secret main antagonist of Modern Warfare 2.

John “Soap” MacTavish

A playable character in Modern Warfare 1, Soap was recruited into the SAS and served under Price. His actions helped save the world from the evils of Makarov and he died in service to this cause.

Vladimir Makarov

The mastermind behind most of the events of the Modern Warfare games, Makarov is a killer and fiend. His primary goal was to see Russia restored to its standing as the Soviet Union. He believed the current Russian government had grown weak and needed to be replaced by his own kind. Makarov was hung by Captain Price at the end of Modern Warfare 3.

Simon “Ghost” Riley

Simon “Ghost” Riley played much the same role as Gaz. He is a supporting squadmate with clever lines and the tactical smarts to win out in any firefight. His iconic skull mask already inspired a new CoD universe in “Ghosts” and would be a welcome addition to the ranks of Blackout.

Do you agree with our five suggestions for Blackout skins? What would you like to see added to the popular game mode? Tell us here or @CharlieIntel on Twitter.