NBA community split over Wembanyama’s 2K24 rating reveal

Victor Wembanyama first look in NBA 2K242K Games

The NBA 2K24 development team revealed the official launch rating for Draft 2023 Pick 1 Victor Wembanyama, and the community has divided opinions.

The NBA 2K24 devs have taken the initiative to reveal the first official ratings of the game, starting with the top ten highest-rated players, which include Nikola Jokic, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and more big names. In the second stage of this cautious rating reveal, we have the Rookies.

Alongside Rookie2K and the respective players, 2K Games is unveiling some official ratings of these young NBA prospects. They have already disclosed the ratings of Scoot Henderson (78), Bilal Coulibaly (73), Taylor Hendricks (73), and many more.

However, controversy ignited when it came to unveiling the rating of the most anticipated player of the past Draft, Victor Wembanyama. According to 2K Games, the highly-touted first pick of the 2023 Draft, Wembanyama will start in NBA 2K24 with a rating of 84, six points above Scoot Henderson, who was selected with the second pick.

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Wembanyama’s 84 rating means that the current San Antonio Spurs player has become the highest-rated Rookie in the history of the franchise, surpassing other Pick 1 players like LeBron James (78), Anthony Davis (79), Cade Cunningham (80), and Zion Williamson (81). The community quickly divided between those who believe Wembanyama’s rating is fair and accurate and those who think 2K Games went too far.

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Among the first group are the avid fans of Wemby. They say the rating is not surprising at all and even venture to claim that Wembanyama will be the next Rookie of the Year.

On the other hand, the group against Victor Wembanyama’s rating argues that the overall given by 2K Games is “too high” for a Rookie, and they once again compare the French player’s rating to the one given to LeBron James in 2003.

The anticipation before and after the 2023 Draft surrounding this 19-year-old French sensation is immense. Drafted by the San Antonio Spurs, Wembanyama represents the Texan team’s hope to come back stronger than ever to the Playoffs and once again contend for the NBA championship ring.

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