Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5 update to be large file, but reduce game size

Infinity Ward’s production lead has shared some information about the Season 5 patch update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone.

The new update, which will deliver Season 5 content, will go live on August 4 at 11PM PT across all platforms.

In a series of tweets, Infinity Ward dev says that the overall update will be a ‘big update’ size for players, but on consoles, once the installation is done, the game’s size will actually be reduced overall.

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In a follow up tweet, he confirms that the console game size will be reduced overall once the update is finished.

He confirms that reducing the game size and being wary of console storage is important to the team, and they will continue to optimize and work to ensure the game is efficient as possible on all platforms.

Season 5 begins August 5. Stay tuned.

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