Modern Warfare bug makes MP unplayable temporarily on Nov 13

Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode became unplayable last night after a playlist update deployed by Infinity Ward, shortly after the launch of Black Ops Cold War.

Approximately 1 hour after the launch of Black Ops Cold War, Infinity Ward released the routine weekly playlist update for Modern Warfare multiplayer, however, this week’s playlist “broke” a few things.

Shortly after this update went out, players flocked to comments reporting they were experiencing “dev error 5476” when trying to play the Multiplayer portion of the game.

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Essentially, after the playlist update went out, it seemingly locked everyone, regardless of the platform out of the Modern Warfare Multiplayer servers. Immediately after selecting Multiplayer, players would be booted back into the main menu with the dev error. Players on PC would have the entire game crash on them.

Players quickly rallied on a huge Reddit thread, all reporting that they were also unable to access the game, with some players going as far as speculating it as a way to push them to buy a copy of Black Ops Cold War.

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Within a few hours, Infinity Ward fixed this error and players were able to hop back on Multiplayer with no issues.

Regardless of the timing with the Black Ops Cold War release, we’re certain this is just a small error that was made when deploying the update and in no way would it have been intentional.Picture Credit: GirGhost on Twitter

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