Modern Warfare bug brings Warzone’s major health boost to multiplayer again

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare players in ground war mode

Warzone’s overall health was raised to increase to time to kill and lower the skill gap, but the change accidentally hit Modern Warfare. Although the issue was fixed, players are reporting that it’s affecting Modern Warfare once again.

Modern Warfare fans have been frustrated with Warzone updates breaking the game, with December 2021’s Pacific update causing high ping, freezing, and crashing. Bizarrely, new Warzone mechanics sometimes bleed into Modern Warfare as well.

This happened back in Warzone Pacific Season 3 where the TTK changes impacted Modern Warfare’s multiplayer and it’s happened again, severely nerfing Snipers, Throwing Knives, and more.

Ground War in Modern Warfare 2019

This frustrating glitch hit both Modern Warfare’s Ground War and the Realism modes with Warzone’s Season 3 Reloaded update but was apparently never fixed in Realism. Now, the glitch has returned in Warzone Season 4.

Modern Warfare players started noticing that it was taking a ton more bullets to kill enemies, and their Sniper Rifles and Throwing Knives could no longer one-shot enemies. Clued-up Modern Warfare players confirmed that 150 HP had been applied to Ground War again.

While some prefer the higher TTK, it has a major impact on some of the game’s weapons. Because it’s unintended, Sniper Rifles, Throwing Knives, and Explosives haven’t been adjusted for the change and are much less effective than they were before.

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“It takes 10 bullets from a scar to kill an enemy,” claimed one Reddit user. “I would never have stopped playing MW if it wasn’t for this sh*t”, said another.

But, some were glad of the change. “It’s the best bug ever,” explained RainethEst. “Stops all the noobs camping in their spawns with hdrs.”

If Raven Software fixed the glitch before then they should be able to fix it again, perhaps alongside the Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update.

Image Credit: Activision

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