Call of Duty League Rule Set Updated on November 22

Keshav Bhat

The Call of Duty League team has announced some updates to the original Competitive Rule Set V1 that was revealed back during launch.

The new rule set updates come as Infinity Ward deploys new patches for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with changes and updates to CDL specific features and sets. The new rule set is now updated with the new features like the spawn camera and more.

These rule sets are in effect for this weekend’s 2000 Challenger Series.


For this weekend’s Challengers 2,000 Series Tournament, we’re incorporating new settings introduced in the latest update for ALL MODES:

  • Game Setting “Input Swap Allowed” set to DISABLED
  • Gameplay Setting “Spawn Camera” set to ENABLED
  • Gameplay Setting “Cranked Timer” set to DISABLED

Additionally, the following changes have been made for ALL MODES:

  • Game Setting “Skip Infil” set to ENABLED
  • Team Setting “Weapon Pings on Compass” set to DISABLED
  • Team Setting “Enemy on Compass” set to DISABLED
  • Gameplay Setting “Equipment Delay” set to DISABLED
  • Gameplay Setting “Equipment Protection” set to 7.5 SECONDS

Additionally, all matches for this weekend should be played with edited private match settings, not in-game CDL settings toggle.

Please stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks on both Specialist usage and settings.


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