Bizarre glitch makes Vanguard attachments appear in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare player with vanguard attachments on gun

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been suffering from a number of issues since Warzone’s integration with Cold War and Vanguard and now, a bizarre glitch is bringing over Vanguard’s WW2 attachments.

Even though Modern Warfare was released in 2019, it still has an extremely dedicated fan base — helped by the tied progression across the four main titles. But, Modern Warfare has been in an extremely rough state over the past few months with major Warzone updates continuously breaking the game.

Some glitches are more game-breaking than others, and players were left baffled after weapon attachments from Vanguard started appearing for Modern Warfare weapons.

Modern Warfare operator holding a sniper rifle

Reddit user ‘MrReaper_C’ took to the Modern Warfare subreddit confused about a ‘Packed Powder’ ammunition attachment that they supposedly unlocked for the Origin 12 Shotgun. They explained that they were missing the attachment and wanted to know if there was a fix for the issue.

Other users jumped in to let them know that Packed Powder is actually a type of Shotgun ammunition in Vanguard that increases both the Shotgun’s power and recoil. It’s no surprise it wasn’t available for the Origin considering it’s an attachment for a completely different game.

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Instead, the Reddit user was supposed to have unlocked the Frangible – Disabling Perk after leveling the Origin to level 8. This weapon Perk slows down enemy movement and stops them from sprinting if it hits the legs.

After one Reddit user said: “That is a Vanguard attachment… You don’t see that everyday,” another replied: “Yes you do. Game’s so f**ked and broken that this appears everywhere.”

“yea I’m pretty sure this bug is just a small piece for what Activision did to this amazing game,” explained another, reporting that they can’t play Vacant because it has disappeared “for no reason.”

It’s not all bad news for Modern Warfare though, as players were delighted to see that the devs fixed the issues with the Killhouse and Al-Raab maps.

Image Credit: Activision

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