How to make TNT in Minecraft

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TNT blocks in Minecraft

TNT blocks in Minecraft are explosives that help players in setting up a wide range of traps. If you want to prank other players in your world with such traps, check out this guide on how to make TNT in Minecraft.

Despite being released years ago, TNT is still the most useful explosive block in Minecraft. It helps in destroying bases, finding ores, and mob fights, among other things.

Although you should always be cautious while using TNT blocks, they are extremely fun and a great way to pass time. You can make explosive mechanisms like cannons with them and have a friendly in-game war with your friends.

On that note, here’s how to make TNT in Minecraft.

A Minecraft villager in front of a TNT block

How to craft TNT in Minecraft

You need five pieces of gunpowder and four blocks of red sand/sand to make TNT in Minecraft. Before jumping to the crafting recipe, let’s learn how to get these ingredients.

How to get gunpowder in Minecraft

Creepers, Ghasts, and Witches drop gunpowder when killed in Minecraft. While Creepers and Ghasts drop 0-2 pieces, Witches can grant up to six gunpowder blocks. With Looting enchantment, the output can be increased to 5 (for Creepers and Ghasts) and 15 (for witches).

You can also trade gunpowder with a villager, but killing Creepers is certainly easier. They are one of the weakest mobs in the game and do not pose much of a challenge.

How to get sand/red sand in Minecraft

Sand is a common block in Minecraft that is found in deserts and beaches. On the flip side, red sand is exclusively found in badland biomes.

Even though you can mine sand blocks without any tool, using a shovel is highly recommended for quick results.

Crafting recipe for TNT in Minecraft

After obtaining red sand/sand and gunpowder, place gunpowder on every corner and the middle slot of the 3×3 crafting grid. In the remaining four slots, place red sand or sand and you’ll get TNT.

The crafting recipe for TNT has also been showcased in the image below:

Crafting recipe to make TNT in Minecraft

This was everything you need to know about TNT in Minecraft. For more content on the sandbox title, check out how to hatch a dragon egg and the best armor enchantments.

Image Credits: Mojang / Reddit user u/UNGNICKYOUNG

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