How to make smooth stone in Minecraft

smooth stone minecraft

Smooth stone is one of the most easily accessible blocks in Minecraft. Players use it to make basic structures like buildings, walls, etc. using the block. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make smooth stone in Minecraft.

Minecraft is one of the leading multiplayer games in the world. Its vast expansion and assets library offers various options to its player base who are dedicated to making their own creations on the island.

There are several elements in the game that have various properties and uses and can be crafted using different methods. One of the most basic elements is the smooth stone block.

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Smooth stone is mostly used by players who are new to the game and are focused on creating basic builds before they learn their way up to complicated structures. Here’s how you can craft smooth stone in Minecraft.

Crafting furnace in Minecraft

How to make smooth stone in Minecraft

To make a smooth stone all you need to do is smelt the cobblestone twice in the furnace and you will have made a stack of smooth stone successfully. The cheapest and easily accessible fuel source is Lava which can help make stacks of smooth stone faster.

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The first thing you need to make smooth stone in Minecraft is the furnace. You can easily make a furnace by placing 8 cobblestones around the 3×3 grid in the crafting menu, leaving the center block empty.

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Once you are done making the furnace, collect several cobblestones and a furnace fuel source for each one of them (like coal, lava, wood, etc.) if you wish to make several smooth stones. Keep in mind, that you will also need several furnaces if you wish to make larger stacks of smooth stone.

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To make a smooth stone, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the Furnace to bring up the Furnace’s GUI on your screen.
  2. Put the cobblestone on the top stack and any fuel source on the bottom stack and wait for it to cook.
  3. Once the arrow fills up, you will have a cooked cobblestone on the right stack.
  4. Smelt the cooked cobblestone once again with a fuel source placed on the bottom stack.
  5. And now you have successfully made a smooth stone.
Smooth Stone wall in Minecraft

Uses of smooth stone in Minecraft

Smooth stone can be used as an independent block in Minecraft or can be combined with different items and recipes to create variants of it. These can also be used to create smooth stone slabs that you can use in your builds to make them look attractive.

All you need to do is stack 3 smooth stones side-by-side in the 3×3 grid and you will have a stack of smooth stone slab. Smooth stone is a rather time-consuming block to craft as smelting does take a considerable amount of time. But if crafted and used to its full potential, the wait is worth it.

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Smooth stone is a great block for building Industrial, Modern, and Futuristic builds in Minecraft. Players are using it more often as there has been a rise in more sophisticated builds in the game.

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Image Credits: Mojang

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