How to make green dye in Minecraft

Aakrit Sharma
Minecraft cover with a Cactus block and Cactus characters

Unfortunately, mixing blue with yellow doesn’t make green in Minecraft. From finding a cactus to using a furnace, here’s everything you need to do to make green dye.

Dyes in Minecraft are essential for changing the color of a wide range of items. These include concrete powder, wool, terracotta, beds, and candles. Accordingly, players love using dyes to make their world as colorful as possible.

Green is one of the primary colors and here’s a guide for you to make green dye in Minecraft.

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Cactus in Minecraft

How to craft green dye in Minecraft

To make green dye in Minecraft, you first need to have cactus and a furnace. While a cactus is the primary crafting ingredient, the furnace helps in smelting it. To smelt items in Minecraft, you simply add them with fuel in a furnace, blast furnace, or smoker.

Green dye is no exception, as you need to put Cactus and fuel into a furnace to obtain it.

Where to find Cactus in Minecraft

You can make green dye in Minecraft by smelting cactus in a furnace. Hence, the first step is to find Cactus and the desert biome is the best place to collect it. You can also find the plant in badlands but the spawn rate is double in deserts.

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Wandering traders can sell you Cactus for emeralds but this is a waste of resources as deserts have an endless supply of these plants. Moreover, you can make your own Cactus farm in Minecraft.

How to make a furnace in Minecraft

To make a furnace in Minecraft, you’ll need cobblestone and a crafting table. Cobblestone is abundantly found in the Overworld and players can get it by simply mining a stone block with a pickaxe. It is also generated when flowing lava and water come into contact.

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To make a furnace, just open your crafting table and place eight Cobblestone blocks in this manner:

Crafting recipe to make a furnace in MinecraftMojang

After collecting the cactus and making a furnace, the final step is to smelt the plant. Open the furnace and put some blocks of cactus on the top and fuel of your choice at the bottom. Now, just wait for the arrow in the middle to turn white and you’ll have green dye.

Uses of green dye in Minecraft

Green Dye has the following uses in Minecraft:

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  • Can be applied to sheep to obtain green wool.
  • Collars of tamed animals (wolves and cats) can turn green with it.
  • Can be used to obtain green armor, beds, and terracotta.
  • Make a firework star by combining green dye with gunpowder.
  • Make green Concrete Powder by mixing green dye with sand and gravel.
  • It’s a crafting ingredient for Cyan dye (Lapis Lazuli + green dye) and Lime dye (green dye + white dye)

All in all, you will not regret making green dye in Minecraft owing to its usefulness. Mojang’s sandbox title has 16 dye options including green and you can use all of them to make an outstanding house.

A green dye is just one of the craftable items in Minecraft. If you’re new to the game and want to add more items to your inventory, do check out our Minecraft guides on making stone bricks, smooth stones, and smokers.

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Image Credits: Mojang

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