How to make a map in Minecraft

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Crafting a map can help you explore the Minecraft Overworld much more efficiently. If you’re yet to add this item to your inventory, check out this guide to making a map in Minecraft.

Exploration is easily one of the most important aspects of Minecraft and there are many features that help you with it. It is common for players to tame horses, turn on coordinates, and obtain items like boats, saddles, beds, and spy glasses. While some of these commodities assist in efficient transportation, others are great for navigation.

Maps in Minecraft let you view as well as mark landmarks on the terrain that you’ve already explored. Considering how massive the Overworld is, having a map in your inventory saves up a lot of time and lets you visit temples and other prominent locations quickly.

On that note, check out this guide on how to make a map in Minecraft.

Materials required to make a map in Minecraft

You need these materials to craft a map in Minecraft:

  • Paper x8
  • Compass x1

Paper in Minecraft can be crafted with Sugarcane. The plant commonly grows alongside water sources and you can find it in almost all biomes. Put three pieces of sugarcane horizontally in your crafting table to obtain a paper, and the same has been showcased in this image:

Crafting recipe for paper in Minecraft

On the flip side, you can craft a compass in Minecraft by placing four iron ingots and a piece of Redstone dust on the central slot of your crafting table. The crafting recipe has been showcased in this image:

Crafting recipe to make a compass in Minecraft

Luckily, we have detailed guides on how to make paper and how to make a compass in Minecraft. You can use them to gather all the desired ingredients that will eventually help in making a map.

Crafting recipe to make a map in Minecraft

Just place a compass in the central slot of a 3×3 crafting table and fill the remaining eight slots with paper to obtain a map in Minecraft. The same can be seen in this image:

Crafting recipe to make a map in Minecraft

Do note that you can craft a map with nine pieces of paper as well. However, a map without a compass doesn’t show marked locations and you’ll have to add this feature separately through an anvil later. Hence, it’s better to directly craft a map with a compass.

How to expand a map in Minecraft

To expand a map in Minecraft, just place it on the central block of a 3×3 crafting table and fill the remaining eight slots with paper. The image below also depicts this:

Crafting recipe to expand a map in Minecraft

You can expand a map in the game four times which can enhance its scaling ratio from 1:1 to a maximum of 1:16. A 1:16 scaling ratio means that 1 map pixel represents 16 blocks of the terrain you’re viewing.

How to use a map in Minecraft

Follow these steps to make the most of maps in Minecraft:

  1. Create an empty map by following the steps mentioned above and place it in your hot bar.
  2. Equip the map by right-clicking on it. As you walk, the map will automatically fill up and show you a top-to-down perspective of the terrain. A marker will also indicate your location in the area.
  3. Buildings, fences, water, grass, trees, and other major landmarks will also be marked on the map.

It is almost impossible and also impractical to craft a map that displays your entire Overworld. A smart strategy is to craft separate maps for the regions that you feel are most important.

A map in Minecraft

Well, this was everything to know about crafting, using, and expanding maps in Minecraft. For similarly detailed guides on the sandbox title, check out how to make and use fireworks, how to show hitboxes, and how to whisper.

Image Credits: Mojang

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