How to make a fence in Minecraft

Aakrit Sharma
Fence and foxes in Minecraft

A fence in Minecraft helps players in creating barriers for their animals and farms. Here’s a guide on how to make a fence in Minecraft with wood and Nether bricks.

Although taming mobs such as foxes, cats, and horses is a great feeling for Minecraft players, they always have to remain cautious about their pets’ whereabouts. However, leads and fences can take care of that for you.

Fences help players in making farms for a wide range of domestic animals such as sheep, cows, and horses. These mobs cannot surpass a fence and you can keep them in any location you want. Accordingly, you won’t have to wander around the massive Overworld for the desired resources.

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Here’s how to make a fence in Minecraft.

How to craft a wooden fence in Minecraft

You need four wooden planks and two wooden sticks to make a wooden fence in Minecraft. Wooden planks are fairly easy to obtain, just add wooden logs to any slot of the crafting grid and they turn into planks.

Wooden sticks can be obtained through crafting. Place two wooden planks vertically in the grid to get a stick, and the same has been showcased in the image below:

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Crafting recipe for sticks in MinecraftMojang

After obtaining all the ingredients, place two wooden planks vertically in two columns of the crafting grid and place two sticks vertically in the middle column.

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The crafting recipe for a wooden fence in Minecraft is also showcased in this image:

Crafting recipe to make oak fence in Minecraft

Wood is abundantly found in the game as it spawns in a wide range of biomes. To make a wooden fence, you can use any type of wood such as oak, spruce, and jungle, among others.

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How to make a Nether Brick fence in Minecraft

You’ll need Nether Bricks and Nether Brick to craft a Nether Brick fence in Minecraft. Smelt Netherrack in a furnace to get Nether Brick and then, place four pieces of Nether Brick in the crafting grid to get Nether Bricks.

Crafting recipe to make Nether Bricks in Minecraft

After obtaining the ingredients, follow the crafting recipe for a wooden fence but replace the sticks with Nether Brick and the wooden planks with Nether Bricks.

Crafting recipe to make Nether Brick fence in Minecraft

Unlike wooden fences, Nether Brick fences do not burn in Minecraft and are generally more reliable. However, you can’t combine wooden and Nether Brick fences to make a barrier.

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This was everything to know about fences in Minecraft. For more content on the sandbox title, check out how to make an invisibility potion, how to tame llamas, and how to tame axolotls.

Image Credits: Mojang

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