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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to get all streaks in Black Ops Cold War zombies



Here’s every killstreak you can craft/find in Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode, and exactly how effective they are.

Under the Support tab of the crafting table, you can make 4 killstreaks and one special item. Here’s a brief breakdown on all of the streaks.

Combat Bow

The combat bow is the cheapest streak you can get. It comes with 5 shots and will instantly kill zombies and set the immediate area on fire. It’s recommended you use this streak against large waves of zombies. The bow isn’t very powerful and will most likely require you to use all 5 shots to take down just one crowd of zombies.

Sentry Turret

The sentry turret is fairly useful, especially during exfil. Zombies won’t try to destroy it, and it will lay fire into a large horde, taking down lots of zombies. If your whole squad places one, you can fortify a small area for some time before the sentry gun expires. This streak is also available in the mystery box.

War Machine

This streak is arguably the best, with its only setback being that it can inflict damage back at the user. The War Machine comes with 12 high powered shots and can vaporize an entire crowd of zombies in just a few shots and can drain through elite enemies health. It’s a must-have for any player focusing on training zombies. It’s a very solid tool for escaping when things get out of control.

Self Revive

Not really a streak, but worth a mention. You can now craft self revives in zombies at the crafting table. It’s 100% worth it, since you can self revive and keep some of your perks in game. Always buy this first, you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

Chopper Gunner

The ultimate escape tool. When outside and things get a bit too out of control, you can call in a super powerful chopper gunner. Zombies will ignore you while you’re in the killstreak and you can kill every zombie above ground with ease. It’s recommended a teammate baits a crowd outside so you can maximize the streak’s deadly power.