How to get Wunderwaffe Wonder Weapon in Vanguard Zombies

Matt Porter
Wunderwaffe in Shi No Numa

Vanguard Season 4 finally introduced the game’s first round-based Zombies mode. If you want to dominate Zombies with the most powerful gun possible, check out how to build the Wunderwaffe Wonder Weapon in Shi No Numa.

When Vanguard was released back in November 2021, Zombies fans were furious and disappointed at Sledgehammer and Treyarch’s take on the fan-favorite mode. Having moved away from round-based Zombies initially, content creators slammed the mode, claiming that there was an “embarrassing lack of content.”

Thankfully, that all changed with the release of Vanguard Season 4, which introduced the first round-based mode to the game on fan-favorite map Shi No Numa.

Of course, with a new map comes the ability to create a Wonder Weapon, and the Wunderwaffe is the gun of choice for Shi No Numa. If blasting Zombies to bits sounds like your kind of thing, here’s how you can build the Vanguard Wunderwaffe Wonder Weapon.

Shi No Numa in Vanguard Zombies

How to craft the Wunderwaffe Wonder Weapon in Vanguard Zombies

Wonder Weapons are a series of special weapons powered by Element 115. These strong weapons are perfect for killing hordes of undead enemies, but require a little work to earn.

Thankfully, it isn’t too hard to get your hands on the Wunderwaffe, with just a few steps required to craft it:

  1. Head to the communications room and pick up the electrical fuse on the table.
  2. Head to the fishing hook, unlock the door, and pick up the weapon barrel from the shelves.
  3. Go back towards the communications room, and find the green generator. Walk over and insert the weapon barrel. Defend the machine until it is finished.
  4. Enter the communications room and pick up the charged vacuum tube.
  5. Go to the storage hub and activate the trap in the corner. It will break down, and then ask for the fuse you picked up first. A second fuse will then appear on the crafting table beside you.
  6. Head over to the main hut, and fight Zabala. Bring her over to the tesla coil and let her perform her attack nine times. Once it has charged, collect the final vacuum tube.
  7. Finally, head back to the storage hut and craft the Wunderwaffe.

Once you have the Wunderwaffe, you can then use it to slice through waves of Zombies as you attempt to make it through rounds.

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The good news is that Treyarch have already confirmed that more round-based Zombies maps are coming to Vanguard, so we should see even more Wonder Weapons in the not-too-distant future.

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Image Credits: Treyarch / Sledgehammer Games