How to complete George Best FIFA 22 Mid Icon SBC

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george best icon sbc

Northern Ireland football legend George Best is now available to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players through a Mid Icon SBC. Here’s how you can complete the SBC and get your hands on him.

Ultimate Team players were spoiled during the holidays and the gifts from EA keep on coming as a few Icon SBCs hit FIFA 22. One of the three new Icon SBCs puts Northern Irish legend George Best up for grabs. The SBC is certainly costly but the joy of utilizing an Icon is unmatched.

Not only will Best fit into just about any squad due to his status as an Icon card, but the forward’s stats are incredible. The speedy Northern Irish winger will be eager to drive at your opponents’ defenders.

FUT players can expect to submit a total of 7 squads in order to claim this Mid Icon George Best.

FIFA 22 Mid Icon George Best stats

Icon George Best stats FUT

Best has all of the qualities of an excellent winger. He has plenty of pace to get in behind defenders, his dribbling stats are incredible, and his crossing, long passing, and vision stats allow him to get key balls into the box.

Not only do these stats make it so Best can be utilized as a playmaker but if the opportunity to shoot on goal arises, he won’t let you down. It’s rare to see speedy wingers boast 93 finishing and 87 long shots but Best’s skillset is highly versatile.

Cheapest way to complete FIFA 22 Mid Icon George Best SBC

To complete this costly SBC, players will need to give up 7 squads: Born Legend, Rising Star, Bestie, League Legend, Top-notch, 87-rated squad, and 88-rated squad. This isn’t going to be an affordable FIFA 22 SBC, costing about 550,000 coins in total, but a Mid Icon is well worth the expense.

You can check out the cheapest solutions below.

Born Legend Requirements

  • Rare players: Exactly 11
  • Player level: Exactly Bronze
  • Team chemistry: Min 50

Born Legend Solution – Cost: 5,500 coins

Born Legend SBC

Rising Star Requirements

  • Rare players: Exactly 11
  • Player level: Exactly Silver
  • Team chemistry: Min 50

Rising Star Solution – Cost: 15,000 coins

Rising Star SBC

Bestie Requirements

  • Number of Manchester United players: Min 1
  • TOTW or FUT-CHAMP players: Min 1
  • Squad rating: Min 84
  • Team chemistry: Min 70

Bestie Solution – Cost: 31,000 coins

Bestie SBC

League Legend Requirements

  • Number of Premier League players: Min 1
  • TOTW or FUT-CHAMP players: Min 1
  • Squad rating: Min 85
  • Team chemistry: Min 65

League Legend Solution – Cost: 60,000

League Legend SBC

Top-notch Requirements

  • TOTW or FUT-CHAMP players: Min 1
  • Squad rating: Min 86
  • Team chemistry: Min 60

Top-notch Solution – Cost: 94,000 coins

Top notch SBC

87-rated squad Solution – Cost: 140,000 coins

  • Squad rating: Min 87
  • Team chemistry: Min 55
87 rated SBC

88-rated squad Solution – Cost: 204,000 coins

  • TOTW or FUT-CHAMP players: Min 1
  • Squad rating: Min 88
  • Team chemistry: Min 50
88 rated SBC

The George Best FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Mid Icon SBC is available until January 28, so make sure to get working on this challenge as soon as possible.

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Image Credits: EA Sports / FUTBIN

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