Honkai Star Rail To The Faint Star Quest guide: Missing piece locations

Hamza Khalid
Honkai Star Rail character in The Faint Star Quest

Honkai Star Rail features plenty of Quests for players to complete and some are tougher than others. Here’s how you can quickly complete To The Faint Star Quest in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail features plenty of different activities that players can engage in, such as unlocking new characters through the in-game gacha system and completing Quests and missions.

One of the Quests that you can tackle in Honkai Star Rail is called To The Faint Star, and this one forces players to make a tricky choice at the end. If you’re wondering how to get this Quest done then we’ve got you covered.

How to complete Honkai Star Rail To The Faint Star Quest

In order to start the To The Faint Star Quest, you’ll first need to reach level 15 in Honkai Star Rail. You’ll then receive a message from a wrong number on your phone, and this will be from a researcher known as Rocky.

At this point, you’ll be able to begin the To The Faint Star Quest and the first thing that you’ll need to do is visit the location of this researcher. We’ll go over every step of the To The Faint Star Quest in Honkai Star Rail.

You can start the Honkai Star Rail To The Faint Star Quest after getting this text message.

Go talk to Rocky

Rocky can be found in the Master Control Zone and once you interact with him, he will explain that he’s searching for his lover, Lesley. She hasn’t responded to his attempts to communicate in a while.

The research will then state that this is the result of the Galaxy Airwave Repeater not functioning properly and you will be sent there to check its condition.

Check the condition of the Galaxy Airwave Repeater

The Galaxy Airwave Repeater is located in the Storage Zone. You can enter this location by teleporting outside the Control Center Space Anchor on the first floor. You can then examine the condition of the device.

It’s then revealed that the Galaxy Airwave Reaper is missing two parts, which is why it has not been functioning. The next stage of this Quest requires you to search for the Ultra Nickel Parts in order to fix the machine.

Where to find the missing parts

You can find the two missing in the west chamber of the Storage Zone. The first one is located on top of a box next to a container and the second can be collected from the platform in the corner.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the west chamber of the Storage Zone.
  2. Collect both missing parts.
  3. Return to the Galaxy Airwave Repeater.
  4. Interact with it and fix the machine.
  5. Recover Lesley’s last recordings.
The missing parts can be found in the Storage Zone.

Find out who the tamperer is

After recovering the recordings, it’s revealed that the machine has been tampered with. In order to find out who did it, you need to teleport to the Monitoring Room Space Anchor in the Base Zone and visit the computer. 

You’ll have to defeat a level 13 monster here, and this creature is weak against Physical, Ice, and Quantum damage. Once that’s done, looking at the camera footage shows that Bernard is the one who tampered with the machine. You’ll now have to confront him about this act.

Choose lies or the truth

Bernard can be found in the same spot where you met Rocky in Master Control Zone, and after you confront him, he’ll tell you his reasons which we won’t spoil here.

After this point, you can speak to Rocky and choose to either lie or tell the truth. The good news is that the choice you make has no impact on the Quest’s rewards or the plot so it’s up to you which option you want.

Rocky can be found in the Master Control Zone.

After you’re done speaking with Rocky, the To The Faint Star mission will be marked as complete and you’ll be given your reward.

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