Halo Infinite leaks reveal key details about potential battle royale

Joseph Pascoulis
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While it has been rumored for some time now, new Halo Infinite leaks are suggesting we could be seeing a battle royale mode for the game as early as November.

Halo Infinite was a success when it launched back in November 2021. However, fast forward to the present, and the game is unable to sustain the hype, as there has been a severe lack of content throughout its first season.

With Halo Infinite Season 2 on the way, perhaps this will increase the FPS game’s popularity once more, especially when coupled with new leaks suggesting there could be a battle royale mode on the way.

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halo infinite season 2

Battle royale games have been dominating the multiplayer shooter scene for years now, with the likes of Warzone, Fortnite, and more recently, Apex Legends commanding the scene with the likes of Dr Disrespect and NICKMERCS investing their time into the games.

Unfortunately, this has left Halo Infinite high and dry, unable to compete with the popularity of battle royale games.

Having said that, the devs over at 343 Industries may have been working on a BR mode all along, as recent leaks reveal new details about a Halo Infinite battle royale.

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During a podcast with Rand al Thor 19 called The Xbox Two, WindowsCentral journalist Jez Corden shared information on Halo Infinite’s battle royale mode, stating that it “has been in development for two years,” and could be seen as early as Season 3.

Jez Corden claims that the devs are testing a “PVP, PVE kind of thing” that isn’t actually a “traditional battle royale.” Further, he also shares that it’s “duos and trios…and it has shrinking circles, like a battle royale, and it sort of forces you to move around the map…and there’s like different objectives and stuff like that.”

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Jez Corden has also heard that the mode could also have “respawn tickets,” much like in all of the popular battle royale modes. So, it seems 343 Industries are working on a new mode with aspects from the battle royale genre and also single-player elements, which Jez also states.

One thing Jez Corden makes clear is to take this information with a pinch of salt, as it’s all just rumors, speculation, and leaks. Also, he also states that it’s “hard to definitively leak all of this stuff,” as some of it could be “leftover code.”

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However, one thing is certain, and that is that 343 Industries have been working on their version of a battle royale mode for two years now, so you’d expect this mode to be dropping in the future.

With Season 2 on the horizon, fans have been pretty upset to see that it will last 6 months, meaning that Season 3 won’t be dropping until November. Further, Jez Corden even said that the battle royale may not even arrive until Season 4, which is a long way out.

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As more information on Halo Infinite’s battle royale mode becomes available we will be sure to cover it. For now, check out what the average Arena Rank is for Halo Infinite’s competitive mode.

Image Credits: 343 Industries

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