Get the M79 Gold Camo Fast – Black Ops Cold War

Nicholas Sakadelis

Here’s some tips on how to get the M79 grenade launcher Gold in Black Ops Cold War.

The camo grind with each new Call of Duty game brings new and familiar obstacles in your way for the mastery camos. This year, launchers seem to be the toughest category to complete. No need to worry though, let’s review the most efficient ways to get your M79 Gold.

We’ll be using YouTuber PrimitiveAK‘s guide & tips for this. You can watch his video below for further clarification after reading the guide.

To make sure this camo is as easy as possible to obtain, we’ll want to be playing in the hardcore mode as much as possible.

It’s helpful to matchmake with teammates running Assault Packs as well to maximize your ammunition count.

Camo Challenges & Tips

  • Spray Camo: 30 Kill on opponents.
    • The easiest camo to get.
  • Stripes: Get 50 Longshot medals with the M79.
    • For this challenge, you’ll want to play on a map like Crossroads Strike and specifically look for Domination as the game mode. Be sure to position yourself on one of the main lanes and shoot enemies as they approach the B flag from spawn. If enemies are using Flak Jacket, just leave the lobby and find another.
  • Classic: Get 2 kills without dying 20 times in Multiplayer.
    • Used to be 3 kills before a patch. Easy to get done naturally. Make sure to run Assault Packs for extra ammo.
  • Geometric: Destroy 50 equipment, scorestreaks, or Vehicles in Multiplayer.
    • Use the Engineer perk to spot all equipment on the ground. Play Combined Arms modes and destroy all vehicles.
  • Flora: Shoot and Kill 50 enemies taking cover from you in Multiplayer
    • This one is tricky, but if you pre-fire common cover spots, you’ll get this in no time. Armada Strike is a great map for these kills.
  • Science: Destroy 3 scorestreaks or enemy vehicles in a game 10 times in Multiplayer.
    • Look for Cartel Combined Arms games. Destroy all the bikes you can.
  • Psychedelic: Kill 2 or more enemies rapidly 25 times in Multiplayer.
    • Might get naturally in games as you complete challenges. Go for double kills in small maps. Play aggressively.

And that’s it! The M79 Gold Camo made easier! Be sure to follow the tips and you’ll have your Gold Camo in no time.

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