Where to find Slashers in GTA Online Halloween event

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Clown Slasher in GTA Online

Rockstar has brought a plethora of exciting new content to GTA Online in the new Halloween event, including horror movie-inspired serial killers. Here’s where you can find these Slashers in GTA Online.

GTA Online has received a ton of spooky new content to help players get into the Halloween spirit, including the Phantom Car based on Stephen King’s novel Christine. There are also other horror movie-inspired additions.

Killer NPCs known as Slashers will attempt to take you out, and they’re inspired by classic horror villains like Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Pennywise, and more. You’ll have to be careful if you run into one.

Here’s how you can find Slashers in the GTA Online Halloween event.

GTA Online Slasher locations

Killer Slasher in GTA Online

There are 4 different Slashers you can encounter in GTA Online, and each of them is inspired by a different horror movie icon. However, you’ll need to meet certain conditions before you can run into them.

Here are all the requirements:

  • You must be in free-roam
  • 16 minutes must have passed since joining the session
  • It must be between 9 PM and 5 AM during in-game time
  • You cannot travel on the water, in flight, weaponized, or in special vehicles

If you’ve met these conditions, then you’ll be able to encounter the Slashers. Each of them spawns within a specific part of the GTA Online map, and we’ll go over all of their locations.

Clown Slasher location

Clown Slasher location

Psycho Slasher location

Psycho Slasher location

Driver Slasher location

Driver Slasher location

Killer Slasher location

Killer Slasher location

How to kill Slashers in GTA Online

If a Slasher spawns nearby, you’ll be notified about their presence by a unique sound effect. You can then battle the enemy but this will be a difficult task, as they are harder to kill than normal NPCs.

Here’s how you can take them down:

  1. Launch GTA Online
  2. Purchase and equip some heavy weapons like a rocket launcher, grenade launcher, and minigun, along with some throwables such as Molotovs
  3. Meet the prerequisites and visit the spawn locations of a Slasher
  4. Keep moving around the area until the enemy spawns
  5. Keep your distance while you chip away at their health

Eventually, you’ll be able to take them down and then you’ll get an exclusive Twilight Knife t-shirt as a reward on November 1.

If you’re eager to battle Slashers in GTA Online, then follow these instructions above and have a violent Halloween!

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