Where to find Media Sticks in GTA Online: Map & locations

Matt Porter
GTA Media stick

Grand Theft Auto Online has a brand-new collectible following the release of the Los Santos Tuners DLC. Media sticks have been hidden across the city, and if you can find them all, there’s a sweet reward.

GTA Online players are no strangers to collectibles hidden around San Andreas. From Peyote Plants to Action Figures, Los Santos residents could spend hours driving around hunting these items down.

With the launch of the Los Santos Tuners DLC, players have yet another collectible to search for, with four media sticks hidden in the city. The good news is that it shouldn’t take you too long to find them, and we’ve got everything you need to grab them for yourself.

Los Santos Tuners car

GTA Online media stick locations

There are four media sticks to be found across Los Santos. The first can be found by visiting the Nightclub and searching Tony’s Desk in his office. Next, head to the Arcade bar. If you don’t own one, you can visit a friend’s and find one there.

After that, head to the Diamond Casino and go to the roof terrace, while the last one is found at the new Car Meet Warehouse.

Each media stick unlocks a new EP for players to listen to in the media player inside a vehicle.

  • Inside a Nightclub, on Tony’s Desk in the office.
  • In the Arcade on the bar, opposite the cash register.
  • On a table on the roof terrace of the Diamond Casino.
  • Near the mod shop area at the Car Meet Warehouse.
los santos car meet warehouse

GTA Online media stick rewards

Players who find all four will receive the four EPs, a special bonus mix, and a CircoLoco Records in-game t-shirt. You’ll be able to equip the shirt by going to your wardrobe and finding it under Tops and Labels.

The four EPs and the bonus mix will all be found in your media player inside your vehicles, allowing you to pick which one you want to listen to.

Image Credits: Rockstar Games

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