New Rockstar job listing hints that GTA 6 is almost finished

Andrew Highton
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Rockstar’s Edinburgh site is currently eyeing up potential game testers to find bugs, write reports, and ensure Rockstar’s games are functioning. This has naturally fueled speculation that GTA 6 could be closer than we think.

With every week that passes, it becomes even more astonishing that Grand Theft Auto 6 has yet to be formally announced by Rockstar Games. Their parent company Take-Two Interactive recently came out to publicly address the game’s whereabouts, but other than that, we’re still all left wondering where it is.

Lately, we’ve learned that GTA 6 may not be set in the 1980s as first thought, yet it could still take place in the beloved Vice City. The latest buzz is about the new job listings which point to one of their major games being ready to test.

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According to The National, Rockstar is advertising for 48 different roles across their studios, with the main focus being placed on the game tester positions in Edinburgh.

The role states that testers will need to be “passionate, enthusiastic, and self-motivated” and will need the following skills:

  • Ensuring product quality of Rockstar releases to an industry-leading standard
  • Creating and actioning comprehensive test plans ensuring everything is functioning correctly
  • Writing concise bug reports and providing all relevant supporting information such as screenshots, videos, and game logs
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One conclusion that everyone will come to is that these roles are for the upcoming GTA 5: Expanded and Enhanced remaster coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

On the other hand, for years, developers and musicians have secretly been working on projects and then suddenly released them. Or just flat-out announced them with an imminent release date.

Rockstar is clearly not a company afraid to venture out of the norm, and with E3 on the horizon and potential Rockstar games to be announced, it’s very possible that Grand Theft Auto 6 could arrive sooner than expected.

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