How to change your crosshair in GTA Online

Liam Mackay
GTA Online change crosshair

Many GTA Online players have trouble tracking the small default crosshair dot, but what’s gone under the radar for many players is that you can change your reticle.

GTA Online has been around for almost eight years now, but it’s still just as popular as it ever was thanks to continuous updates and the role-playing community. Even though the game has been out for so long, players are still discovering new secrets in Los Santos such as mysterious skeletons and ways to make a quick buck.

Although there are plenty of activities to fill up your time in GTA online, at its core, it’s a shooting game. Taking part in heists, battling other players in PvP, and going on rampages are all part of the thrill of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Something that many GTA Online players may not know is that you can change your crosshair, so here’s how.

How to change your reticle in GTA Online

GTA Online characters landing from a helicopter

Although simple to do, changing your crosshair is something that has gone under the radar for many players. Recently, Reddit user cvsnoweagle said that “after 7 years playing,” they “just learned there is a complex aiming view.”

Complex Aiming View is a setting for your crosshair that swaps it from the simple dot to a more traditional crosshair that tailors itself to whatever weapon you’re holding. As the Reddit user explained, it’s easy to lose the reticle on-screen, so this setting is well worth checking out.

Here’s how to change your crosshair in GTA Online:

  1. Load up GTA Online
  2. Press ‘Start’
  3. Scroll across to ‘Settings’
  4. Select ‘Display’
  5. Find the ‘Weapon Target’ setting
  6. Toggle ‘Weapon Target’ from ‘Simple’ to ‘Complex’

If you’d prefer to use the simple dot, but want it to be bigger or smaller, the ‘Simple Reticle Size’ option is right below ‘Weapon Target.’

GTA Online Complex crosshair

With Weapon Targeting set to Complex, each weapon will have its own specific crosshair. Assault Rifles have a traditional cross, and Shotguns have a wide crosshair to simulate the pellet spread.

Each weapon will now have more of a distinct feel, and it’s much easier to keep an eye on the dot in the midst of the action or when facing the sun.

Now you can tailor your reticle to how you’d like it, you can check out the best weapons GTA Online has to offer.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games / JoblessGarret

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