Fastest bikes in GTA Online: Full stats and guide

players riding bikes in gta online

Speeding around Los Santos with a high-speed bike never gets old, but what are the fastest bikes in GTA Online that you could be doing this with?

All these years later and GTA Online continues to offer hours upon hours of fun. One of the most productive ways to enjoy the Grand Theft Auto experience is by driving around on the fastest bikes in GTA Online and weaving in and out of traffic and obstacles.

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There’s obviously a high danger factor in that you can be catapulted to kingdom come if you crash at speed, but bikes offer greater mobility than the fastest cars.

Our handy list will walk you through the fastest bikes in GTA Online and offer some useful info on each one.

player riding a pegassi oppressor in gta online

10 fastest bikes in GTA Online: Cost, speed & how to buy

Bike NameTop SpeedPriceWhere to buy
Apocalypse Deathbike 150 mph / 241.40 kmph$1,269,
Pegassi Oppressor140 mph / 225.30 kmph $3,524,500Warstock Cache and Carry site
Nagasaki BF400137 mph / 220.48 kmph $95,000Southern S.A. Super Autos
Pegassi Bati 801135 mph / 217.26 kmph $15,000Southern S.A. Super Autos
Pegassi Bati 801 RR135 mph / 217.26 kmph $15,000Southern S.A. Super Autos
Shitzu Hakuchou134 mph / 215.65 kmph $82,000Southern S.A. Super Autos
Pegassi Oppressor Mk II127.75 mph / 205.59 kmph $3,890,250Warstock Cache and Carry site
Pegassi Ruffian127 mph / 204.38 kmph $10,000Southern S.A. Super Autos
Shitzu Hakuchou Drag Bike126.50 mph / 203.58 kmph $976,000Legendary Motorsport
Western Gargoyle125 mph / 201.168 kmph $120, & Southern S.A. Super Autos

5. Shitzu Hakuchou

shitzu hakuchou bike in gta online

Kicking off the top five fastest bikes in GTA Online is the Shitzu Hakuchou, a great tribute to the Suzuki Hayabusa.

It can reach an impressive top speed of 134 mph and $82,000 is quite reasonably priced compared to other entries on this list.

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It looks very futuristic with its Japanese-inspired design and is a great all-around bike to use in GTA Online.

4. Pegassi 801 RR / Pegassi 801

pegassi 801 bike in gta online

The next position is actually a dual-entry as both the Pegassi 801 and Pegassi 801 RR share the same characteristics.

Each bike has an equal top speed of 135 mph and they both retail for exactly $15,000. Only minor cosmetic touches differentiate these two superb machines.

Either Pegassi model will stand you in good stead and allow you to bomb your way around Los Santos in style.

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3. Nagasaki BF400

Nagasaki BF400 bike in gta online

Old-school veterans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise should be able to detect some similar design choices that make the Nagasaki BF400 look like a hybrid of the Sanchez and PCJ 600.

It’s slightly lighter than some of its competitors, and this makes for either a very forgiving and agile beast, or a wild child that you’ll do well to tame.

Clocking in at a top speed of 137 mph, it begins to justify its $95,000 price tag and is probably a must-own for bike fans in GTA Online.

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2. Pegassi Oppressor

pegassi suppressor bike in gta online

We now take an astronomical leap in terms of pricing as the Pegassi Oppressor comfortably annihilates the cost of the previous spots at an incredible $3,524,500!

Are you paying all that extra money for the extra 3 mph advantage, taking it to 140 mph overall, over the Nagasaki BF400?

Nope, you’re paying for the mega-powerful rocket sticking out the back that can make the bike fly in the sky. It’s the kind of fun vehicle that sandbox games are made for, and if you can afford it, buy it.

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1. Apocalypse Deathbike – Fastest bike in GTA Online

apocalypse deathbike bike in gta online

Our number one lightning-fast speed demon is the aptly named Apocalypse Deathbike. If players crank those handles enough, then this hunk of two-wheeled fury can reach a top speed of 150 mph!

It’s not quite as pricey as the Pegassi Oppressor, but will still set you back a lot of cash – $1,269,000 to be exact.

Modifications are where the Apocalypse Deathbike comes into its own as it’s capable of sustaining two mounted chain guns, one on each side, which is sure to bring genuine apocalypse to anyone who crosses your path.

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That covers all the fastest bikes in GTA Online, how much they are, and how you can go about obtaining them.

Also, be sure to check out this week’s GTA Online update and patch notes.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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