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GTA Online Treasure Hunt locations: Every clue & Revolver reward

You can win a special Double-Action Revolver by finding all the hidden clues in GTA Online’s Treasure Hunt challenge.



The Double-Action Revolver

The Doomsday Heist introduced a special ‘Treasure Hunt’ mission that rewards players with a double-action revolver from Red Dead Redemption. Here are all the GTA Online Treasure Hunt clue locations.

GTA Online is filled with exciting adventures that players can take on, from Heists to car races. One of the more interesting tasks is the Doomsday Heist Treasure Hunt, which features the awesome gold-plated double-action revolver from Red Dead Redemption 2.

If you want to win this neat reward, then you’ll have to search for all the clues that have been hidden across Los Santos. There are 20 of these, spread out across the entirety of San Andreas county, so finding them will be difficult. Luckily, we’ve got the locations of every GTA Online Treasure Hunt clue to help you with your quest.

GTA Treasure Hunt clue locations

Los Santos in GTA Online

There are 20 total clues in GTA Online’s Treasure Hunt. We’ve marked every single one of them on the map below, including details of their exact whereabouts.

  • Location #1 (Del Perro Pier): On the pillars supporting Del Perro Pier
  • Location #2 (Cassidy Creek): On top of the hill looking over a bridge at Cassidy Creek
  • Location #3 (Cassidy Creek): On a tree at the river bank close to Cassidy Creek
  • Location #4 (Vinewood Hills): On a Baytree Canyon poster to the north of the Galileo Observatory
  • Location #5 (Pacific Bluff): On one of the tombstones in the Pacific Bluffs graveyard
  • Location #6 (Tongva Hills): Under a bridge by the vineyards at the Tongva Hills area
  • Location #7 (San Chianski Mountain Range): At a small fisherman’s jetty on the far eastern coast of the map
  • Location #8 (Hill Valley Church): On a tombstone in the Hill Valley Church graveyard
  • Location #9 (Tataviam Mountains): Stuck to a rock on the beach just south of Palmer-Taylor Power Station
  • Location #10 (Alamo Sea Marina): On a rock near the broken boat in the Alamo Sea
  • Location #11 (Grand Senora Desert): Stuck to the doors of the Sandy Shores airfield hangar
  • Location #12 (San Chianski Mountain Range): On the very top of the hill at Catfish View
  • Location #13 (Los Santos Golf Club): On the bridge in one of the fields
  • Location #14 (Palomino Highlands): One of the islands on the Southeastern part of the map
  • Location #15 (Paleto Bay): Under a destroyed bridge near the shore
  • Location #16 (Great Chaparral): Inside the abandoned mineshaft
  • Location #17 (Sandy Shores): On a table at the art installation just East of Sandy Shores
  • Location #18 (Mount Chiliad): On the mountain’s lookout
  • Location #19 (Two Hoots Falls): On a totem standing in the park
  • Location #20 (Senora National Park): At the rocks of the park in Sandy Shores
GTA Treasure Hunt clue locations

Starting this hunt is pretty straightforward. Simply join a GTA Online session, and you should receive an email with a photo attachment, which shows you general locations for all 20 clues.

Each clue is a note, usually pinned to rocks, found under bridges, on tables, and more. These notes are hidden across San Andreas county, so we advise not hunting them in numerical order, but rather by working from one area to the next.

If you’re getting close to a clue, the game will inform you about this with the sound of a metal wind chime. Once you’ve collected one of these, three more clue locations will automatically be marked on your map.

While many of them are spread out across the map, quite a few are located within close proximity of each other so you can easily rotate towards another after you’ve collected one. Finding all the clues will bring you closer to getting the Double-Action Revolver.

A treasure clue in GTA 5

GTA Online Treasure Hunt Big Three Clues locations

Now that you have found the 20 clues, you’ll need to find three objects to obtain your revolver. Players are looking for the box it was stored in, a shovel, and the corpse of the gun’s previous owner.

  • Box: The box is found under the tree at Grapeseed, with broken bark on the western side.
  • Shovel: The shovel can be located in the wrecked frame of an abandonded house on the beach of Sandy Shores, next to the Alamo Sea.
  • Corpse: The corpse is in Tongva Hills, in a cave partially concealed by shrubbery on the western side.

You can then collected the gold-plated Double-Action Revolver, and use this weapon in the challenge that requires you to land 50 headshots.

Successful completion of this will net you $250,000 in GTA, along with an exclusive variation of this weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2.

You’ll also win $250,000 in GTA Online through this challenge, and if you want to earn more, you can check out how to claim $1 million free every month, and then find out the best things to buy in GTA Online.

Image Credits: Rockstar Games