Bizarre GTA Remastered glitch makes your car ginormous

GTA Remastered Trilogy players have been experiencing all kinds of bugs since release. The latest to be discovered is a bizarre issue that makes your car extremely wide.

The GTA Remastered Trilogy hasn’t received the best of reviews since its release, becoming the lowest-rated Metacritic game of all time.

Although Rockstar tried their best to bring back some of the most classic GTA games of all time, players aren’t satisfied. This could be because of the missing songs, frame drops, or even the bizarre glitches being found.

Bizarre GTA Remastered Trilogy glitches

gta trilogy rainy weather

One of these glitches is actually pretty hilarious. Posted by DarkwingDust69 on Twitter, a video has shown a new bug found in GTA III.

The player claims that wiggling your car left and right actually makes your car get increasingly bigger. The video shows this in action, as the vehicle gets wider and wider the more the player wiggles.

Eventually, the car gets ginormous, taking up half of the road. No one knows exactly why this happens, but it is extremely odd considering all the player is doing is moving left and right.

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This isn’t the only glitch that is turning the GTA Remastered Trilogy into a freak show. Another glitch was also found in San Andreas, which causes a particularly disturbing camera angle.

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For those on PS5, playing in first-person “while on a quadbike” causes the camera to turn and face CJ directly.

gta san andreas glitch

The look on CJ’s face itself is disturbing, as you should never be able to get this close up. As the character stares deep into your soul, the player moves left and right on the bike to make it even more creepy.

CJ doesn’t even blink, making him look straight out of a horror movie, chasing down the player behind the controller.

These are obviously issues that need correcting. When Rockstar Games come to update the game, perhaps these bugs will be a priority.

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Image Credits: Rockstar Games