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Eula, Lisa, and Lotus Heads in Genshin Impact

To make some of the best dishes in Genshin Impact, you’ll require Lotus Heads. They are a local specialty of Liyue, and here’s a guide to finding Lotus Heads in Genshin Impact.

Cooking is arguably one of the most underrated features of Genshin Impact. Players often ignore a ton of ingredients while exploring the open world and do not realize that eating dishes can help them beat vicious bosses like Raiden Shogun with ease.

An item that allows you to make a wide range of dishes such as Jade Parcels and Universal Peace is Lotus Head. Even though you won’t need it to ascend any characters, having it in your inventory is great for cooking purposes.

On that note, here’s every location in Genshin Impact where you can find Lotus Heads.

Candace, a character from Sumeru in Genshin Impact

Lotus Head locations in Genshin Impact

Lotus Heads in Genshin Impact are exclusively found in Liyue and you can primarily encounter them in Luhua Pool, Huaguang Stone Forest, and Stone Gate regions.

To aid you in collecting Lotus Heads, we’ll showcase the exact location of every plant in Genshin Impact’s Liyue:

Luhua Pool

You will find twelve Lotus Heads in Luhua Pool and there are two Teleport Waypoints in the region that can help in initiating the farming procedure.

The exact locations of the Lotus Heads in Luhua Pool are marked in the image below:

Lotus Heads in Genshin Impact's Luhua Pool

Mt. Tianheng and Liyue Harbor

There are six Lotus Heads in Liyue Harbor and three more near the western Teleport Waypoint in Mt. Tianheng. Luckily, the plants are located close to each other and you won’t have to pass through any challenging terrain to obtain them.

Lotus Heads in Genshin Impact's Liyue Harbor

Huaguang Stone Forest

Teleport to Mt. Aozang and head southwest to find eleven Lotus Heads in the Huaguang Stone Forest.

The plants are inside the water but you won’t have to swim to collect them and accordingly, there is no need to worry about running out of stamina.

Lotus Heads in Genshin Impact's Huaguang Forest

North of Wuwang Hill

The region between Liyue’s Wuwang Hill and Diluc’s Dawn Winery has eight Lotus Heads. Both Wuwang Hill and Dawn Winery have Teleport Waypoints and you can start farming from either side.

Lotus Heads in Genshin Impact's Wuwang Hill

Dragonspine and Sal Terrace

Teleport to Sal Terrace in the Liyue region of Genshin Impact and head north to find seven Lotus Heads. To be precise, you’ll find three plants near the river’s shore and the remaining four in the grassland.

Two Lotus Heads are also located south of Sal Terrace. You can find them in the small pool at the edge of Dragonspine. You can choose to ignore these Lotus Heads as reaching them isn’t the most convenient thing in the game.

Lastly, the unnamed grassland north of Stone Gate is home to six Lotus Heads. We recommend going to these locations only if you’re in dire need of the plants because there aren’t any Teleport Waypoints or Statues of the Seven to facilitate the transportation.

Lotus Heads in Sal Terrace

Wangshu Inn

Teleport to the Dihua Marsh region near Wangshu Inn in Liyue to get six Lotus Heads. Yet again, the plants will be near the shore but you can collect them without swimming.

Lotus Heads near Wangshu Inn

Dunyu Ruins

Dunyu Ruins in Liyue are similar to Luhua Pool and you can find eight Lotus Heads there. Simply teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Lingju Pass and head northeast.

Lotus Heads in Genshin Impact's Dunyu Ruins

With this guide, you should be able to easily farm all the Lotus Heads available in the beautiful Genshin Impact open world. For more guides on the action RPG, check out how to level up fast, how to get more Primogems, and how to reroll.

Image Credits: HoYoverse / genshin-impact-map.appsample.com/

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